Syeda Imtaiz Fatima

Syeda Imtaiz Fatima

 Designation:        Coordinator / Founder Member

Education:           F.A.

Disability:            Polio affected Left Leg. On crutches.

Profession:           Teacher



Major Strengths;

Highly confident and optimistic

  • Director & Choreographer
  • Host & Performer
  • A Brave Single Mother
  • A Passionate Orator
  • Leadership & Team work
  • Script Writer

A Brief Note;

A Motherhood is the toughest job. Being Mother, Ms. Imtiaz Fatima is a symbol of struggle and a milestone for Special Persons, who fought hard against odds of life. She is “A founder member of Voice Society”, also contributing to it as Coordinator.  She is very hardworking, intelligent, dedicated, responsible and an efficient team member. She has taken up the job of a teacher in a private school. May Almighty Bless you and fill your life with joy and prosperous.