Prof. Zahida Ejaz

Prof. Zahida Ejaz

Designation:        Patron

Education:           MA Eng. (Lit)

B.Ed & Adeeb Aalam

Major Strengths:

  • 40 years’ teaching experience of Inter,graduation,post graduation classes.Retired as Head of English Department,Lahore college for Women University, Lahore.
  • Firm Faith in Almighty’s Scheme of testing the chosen ones.
  • Compassionate Nature

Skills: Writing poetry and prose, cooking, stitching, knitting and delivering secular and non- secular lectures

Staunch Belief in Woman Power and Pen Power

A Brief Note;

Infantile Polio- crippled legs failed to bar her from leading a quality life in the role of a daughter, wife, mother and a career woman. Her fight against a society inimical to the needs of the handicapped was much tougher than now. She however, paved the way for the millions to come.

Ultimately she emerged as an achiever. Her son cannot help calling her a THRILL SEEKER when she drives her hand controlled car at hundred plus speed. Even in college it was difficult to overtake her while driving tricycle at normal speed, wielding her curricular or extra-curricular duties (in charge Debate society, in charge Creative writing society, in charge College magazine and announcement duty at college functions).

Her efforts to add to the richness of life are going on. She celebrated Humanity by writing auto biography both in English and Urdu, which not only served the purpose of projecting the issues of the so called disabled, but also created awareness about a high proportion of ability that Almighty grants in compensation. She has paid high tribute to all those who helped in making things easier for her.

She have Exuberant energy to fight against Challenges & Strong willpower to surmount all obstacles. It shows in her auto biography. That’s why, her book is being read worldwide and has been translated in Arabic to be published this very year.

The latest contribution of this self-made, self-supportive and self-sufficient handicapped person is the construction of a charity house, 56\4 A TIP 3 housing Society, Lahore; built for VOICE SOCIETY children, exclusively from her personal savings. As a child she would lead a dummy Pakistan movement procession, crawling on hands and knees, with a flag held in teeth. She returns a fraction of what her home land gave to her. Long live Pakistan!!!

Her philanthropic friends were inspired to pool up money in order to purchase an all purpose vehicle forchildren.With her pen’s power she convinced PSRD administration to resume provision of conveyance, medication and education etc. to children. NAB took strict notice of her request to pressurize LESCO for our rightful supply of electricity. The external electrification work has already started.

She is always there to guide the VOICE team, to correct write ups, to arrange funds and to motivate people for child adoption services etc.